Communication Strategy

The National ID program follows “Transparency” as one of its core principles. To this end, the overall technical platform, legal and other documentation, business processes etc. are available to the public. All interactions with stakeholders will be made formal by means of MoUs among others,  and will be communicated to the public. Regular awareness creation sessions will be conducted through direct interaction with different stakeholders while also using different media outlets to release information and guidelines for the public.  

Mediums of communication:

  • NID uses conventional media outlets such as Television, Print and Radio to release information and create awareness both at the federal and regional levels. 
  • NID has developed and enriched a website where all its resources and activities are published and continually updated.
  • NID actively uses social media platforms to disseminate information to the public and its followers.

Through different media outlets and also the National ID website, press releases were published, pilot inaugurations were reported and workshops were communicated. NID will continue to communicate relevant information, major events and developments through various means including targeted and localized approaches such as community outreach. Every medium of interaction with relevant content and localized languages will be utilized with a team entirely dedicated for this purpose. Furthermore, NID will contract a specialist firm to advise on the overall approaches and mechanisms of communication to maximize reach.

NID social media handles:  

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