List of Fields

The national ID program collect only those data necessary for establishing uniqueness. All data collected, stored in the NID database and/or published in the ID credential focuses on minimal data required to identify an individual.

Mandatory Fields 

Full Name

Date of Birth


Current Address

Optional Fields

Phone Number

Email Address

House Number

Other fields

For minors who are unable to give biometrics data, their foster or legal guardian ID number will be recorded on their ID profile

Individuals who are unable to provide any documentation as evidence, must get a testimonial from a person who already is enrolled in the system

Citizenship status is semi-mandatory in that those who have proof of citizenship such as Ethiopians or foreigners their status will be recorded as such and those who lack any proof, their status will be recorded as “undetermined”.

Biometric Data is mandatory collected 10 fingerprints (4-4-2 scan), 2 eyes iris scan as well as ICAO compatible photo taken on site. For blind people, or people missing a hand or a finger, or in cases where biometrics cannot be read because of natural causes or physical damage to those body parts, an exception can be made and that proof of exception will be photographed for future evidence.