National ID Service: Who is Involved?

The National ID is a lifetime service : : It will require uniform implementation

Different entities will be involved : : They can be public and private

Key Operations and Roles

The ID Service has different stages which can be managed by different stakeholders under the direction and control of the Central Identity Authority


A citizen / resident can use this portal to begin the application for a national ID. Only partial data (demographic) and documents can be provided.


This stage requires physical appearance of the applicant at a registration station. All inputs and biometric data will be taken

Credential Provision

The National ID Program/Authority will prepare a Unique ID (Fayda) Number and prepares credentials for each registered individual 

Call Center and Customer Support

This is also a 24/7 support by differnt languages for customers that need support and information .


ID services extend to other functional services through integration.

National ID: A pillar for digital