Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Digital ID?

Fayda National digital ID is a foundational identification system that helps individuals to prove their identity and access to financial, social, and digital services. 

2. What are the benefits of Digital ID?
  • A valid proof of identity that promotes equity among members of society by helping avoid repetition 
  • Avoid the risk of exclusion in getting service in different sectors
  • To protect oneself from identity theft and fraud
  • Building a unique identification significantly improves trust between the service provider and the consumer
  • Promotes accountability and transparency in all economic and social activities of the country.
3. Who is Eligible for Digital ID?

All residents of Ethiopian are eligible for the Digital ID. 

4. Where can I get Digital ID?

Once you know you are eligible you can visit our temporary nearest registration office via the link https://id.gov.et/locations/  or contact the National ID Office. Get the information via the link below


5. Will the Digital ID replace the Kebeke ID?

No, it doesn’t replace it.
City and Regional Gov’t Resident ID cards (also known as Kebele ID) are issued by the local government. Meanwhile, “Fayda” digital ID cards work at the national level. Work is progressing to ensure that both “Kebele” and “Fayda” work hand-in-hand.

6. What is the difference between Digital ID and Kebele ID?
  • Digital ID is a foundational ID that proves identity whereas the Kebele ID is a functional ID
  • A digital ID is a unique identifier of a person that can be issued by an authorized body anywhere in the country without the restriction of residence location. In contrast, a Kebele ID can only be issued by the Kebele where one resides.
7. How much does it cost to get a Digital ID?
  • Digital ID is free.
8. Is online pre-registration available?

Yes, you can get your appointment registered on our website id.et

9. How long does it take to register for Digital ID ?

Registration for Digital ID takes an average of 5-10 minutes.

10. How soon can Fayda ID Number be issued?

It takes an average of 3 – 5 working days to receive a Digital ID. 

11. Can my information be update after registration?

A person can update their demographic data at any time with legal proof of update after we announce to start update feature.

12. What are the required documents needed for registration?

A valid proof of current address and proof of identity is required for registration. 

  • Kebele ID
  • Passport 
  • Driving license and
  • Any other relevant documents

If an individual lacks the proper documentation to register, he/she can bring a testimonial from a person who already has a Digital ID and register.

13. How to retrieve a Fayda ID Number (FIN) if lost or forgotten?

Individuals can give their demographic and biometrics data by visiting the nearest registration center or head office and retrieving their Fayda ID Number.

14. Is Fayda Digital ID mandatory?

No, Fayda Digital ID is a right and not mandatory.

15. Can foreigners in Ethiopia get Digital ID? What are the requirements?

Yes, Foreigners legally residing in Ethiopia can get a Digital ID using their Residents ID or other relevant documents.


16. Will my Digital ID expire??

A Digital ID number is a lifetime number that is unique to that individual.

17. When do you start registration in region ?
  •  In the next 1 year, all regional capitals and some urban centers will be covered
18. How can I get the printed digital ID card?
  • Please check id.et/strategy for detailed information on card printing.