Fayda Number

Upon successful enrollment process, residents will be issued a unique number which can be used for further identifications. Faydasys – The enrollment platform guarantees that a unique number is issued to an individual and will never be issued again to anyone else forever.


Fayda Identification Number - FIN

This is a permanent and randomly generated 12 digit number. Is issued uniquely to every residents upon successful completion of the enrollment process. Once issued to an individual the number is irrevocable and serves for the lifetime of an individual. 

Residents are advised not to share this Number with any one else, and only be used with Ethiopia National ID service when requested.

Fayda Card Number - FCN

A 16 digit random number printed on an ID Card associated with a single Fayda Identification Number (FIN). This number changes when ever a new card is reprinted.

Residents are advised to use this number for online authentication with a trusted partners.

Fayda Alias Number - FAN

Also a 16 digit number associated with Fayda Identification Number. This number can be generated at any time based on request from the FIN holder following authentication. It can also be revoked at any time by the owner serving temporarily for some period of time.

The Alias number can be used by individuals to authenticate them self with any partners. Residents are advised to use this number when ever possible in order to protect their identity.