Fayda is for every resident of Ethiopia!

Registration is very easy and fast. Go to your nearest Enrollment Center you will complete it in 10 minutes, You can also book an appointment using the online portal at your convenient date and time.

Find Nearest Enrollment Center

Enrolling for Fayda is cost-free & you can get enrolled at a center close to you. There is a high chance that there will be a registration center near your location please browse to locate your convenient registration center.

Book Online

Avoid Queue by registering online first. Using our self service portal provide your basic data and save your time.

What is needed?

To get your Fayda number you need to provide basic information including biometrics. Learn More about the requirements.

Fayda Enrollment Process

Fayda Enrollment Process

Enrolling at Fayda starts by providing your demographic (Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Mobile Number, and Email) and Biometrics (10 Finger, 2 Iris, and Face Photo).
After successful registration, Individuals will be notified about their Enrollment status using email and mobile.