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        A robust and reliable Digital Identification for all Ethiopians and Legal Residents within the country.

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የኢትዮጵያ ዲጂታል መታወቂያ ምዝገባ በድረገጻችን ላይ በመግባት ቀዳሚ ተመዝጋቢ ይሁኑ! ኦንላይን ቅድመ ምዝገባ ካጠናቀቁ በሗላ በሚሰጥ ቀጠሮ መሠረት እንደ ሚሊኒየም አዳራሽ ባሉ የምዝገባ ጣቢያዎች ሄደው ምዝገባዎን ያጠናቁ።

ቀጠሮ ጠብቀው በአካል ለምዝገባ በሚመጡበት ወቅት ፤ ከድረገጻችን የሚያገኙትን ማረጋገጫ ሰነድ ፥ የቅድመ ምዝገባ ቁጥር ወይም QR code በስልክዎ ላይ ወይም በወረቀት አትመው ይዘው መቅረብ አይርሱ።

ID DAY 2022

Official Press Release for Identity Day in Ethiopia:
On the 16th of September, a consultative session was held on the role of a Digital ID and Fayda as it impacts the way of doing business in Ethiopia.


A forward-looking Enrollment strategy is put in place  to enable this nation of a 100million+ with an inclusive and robust ID.

Security and Privacy

Personal Data Protection ensures the owner remains the individual and consent is needed before any other third party accesses data.


Privacy, various trust levels, tokenization and mobile ID is some of the features in our authentication ecosystem.

Our approach to Privacy

In full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Proclamation on the way to be passed by the House of Parliament to establish an independent commission, the National ID Program and the authority that will be established thereof, will execute its duties.

As custodians of the data subject’s details entrusted to us, we will ensure maximum privacy, traceability, and transparency.


M-F:  8:30 am – 5:30 pm
S-S: Closed

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