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The Fayda IDMS is the central Foundational ID Management system that integrates with many other external systems and components such as a variety of biometric registration kits and associated SDKs, multiple Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) alternatives, and card printing services.

It encompasses various components required for ID Lifecycle Management, namely, Pre-Registration, Registration, Uniqueness Validation (Deduplication), ID-Number Generation, Credential Provision, Authentication and Verification.

Fayda IDMS is based on MOSIP (Modular Open source Identification Platform) , an open-source ID Management System (IDMS) platform developed by IIIT-B in India through grants offered by its development partners.

The development community describes MOSIP as:

MOSIP is a modular and open source identity platform that helps user organizations such as Governments implement a digital, foundational ID in a cost effective way, while embracing the best practices of scalability, security and privacy harnessing the power of open source.

Many in the developing world are deploying, testing and customizing this open platform including Morocco, Philippines, Guinea and Ethiopia.. MOSIP details can be found on

Technology Stack

The architecture and technology stack for Fayda IDMS closely follows the MOSIP Technology stack:

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