Registration for Enrollment

The National ID Program is working to enroll and provide Digital Identification to all residents in Ethiopia with the goal of providing advanced financial, social, public, and other services that identify a physical person using foundational individualizing mechanisms rather than functional ones. NIDP intends to issue Digital IDs to over 70 million citizens and residents in Ethiopia by the end of 2025.

The overall registration process has a series of procedures that include, sensitization and awareness creation, collecting individuals consent to collect information, documentation of identity proof, data collection, and registration validation.

    The following steps will be taken for one individual registration at the center.

    • Basic information will be filled on the Consent form
    • Waiting in line for registration 
    • Cleaning the registrant hands using sanitizer
    • Sitting in front of the Enrollment officer to look at the screen adjusted for the registrant
    • Following the registration process on the set screen
    • Provision of all the necessary documents /Identification, consent form/ 
    • Following the instructions that will be given by the Enrollment officer to give biometric data/Iris, fingerprint and photo/


    • Checking the data inserted are correct or not
    • Making corrections if necessary
    • Making sure that the registrant Collected all the documents from the Enrollment officer

    Information Provision

    The National ID Program enrollment is a voluntary activity individuals perform of their own accords. Ahead on registration, public awareness session is conducted with concerned parties.

    Informed Consent 

    A consent form consisting of contents confirming the individual’s willingness in giving their data over to the National ID is signed ahead of starting the registration. This form contains a declaration that states the individual willingly agrees to sharing demographic and biometric data with the National ID Program in connection with digital identification purpose.

    Proof of Identity

    Ahead of registration on the Fayda platform, the individual must show a document that serves as a proof of identity and address. Individuals can uses various documentations as Kebele ID, Residence ID, Passport, Birth Certificate, and others.

    Data Collection

    To issue the Digital ID, the collection of demographic and biometric data is a requirement. This informations are collected, solely for the purpose if uniquely identifying the individual. With the principle of collected minimal date, the following datas have been identified as the crucial informations needed. Demographic datas required are Name, Father’s Name, Grandfather’s Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and Current Address. Other fields such as, Phone Number, Email Address, P.O.BOX, Citizenship are left optional. Biometric datas required are Fingerprint, Iris, and Facial Photograph.


    After registering the individual, the Fayda Platform will do a verification of the received data and conduct a deduplication process through the database. The deduplication process will ensure no individual can have two Digital Identification.

    Unique Identification Issuance

    Ones the Fayda Platform has verified the individual, it will issue a randomly generated 12-digit Unique Identification Number. The individual will receive this number via his selected form of delivery i.e. SMS text, Email, or P.O.BOX.

    The National ID Program has a mission to issue Digital Identification to 70 million residents in Ethiopia by 2025