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The objective of Electronic National ID scheme is to prove identity, in which all citizens and legal residents of Ethiopia will be enrolled by capturing both basic demographic and biometric data [10 fingerprints (4x4x2), both Iris Image and frontal face photo] for the Electronic National ID Scheme. This scheme will be designed to support all use cases which depend on identity, and enable use cases to connect with digital platform for identity and e-KYC services. The process will be simple and agile enough to address the distinctive developmental needs within the Ethiopian Context. 


Our Services


The pre-registration service enables a user to book an appointment for one or many Individuals for registration. It allows a user to enter their demographic details, required documents and book appointment by choosing a suitable registration center and time slot and then notifies user on a successful booking.

Get Fayda Number/FN

An individual can register in his/her nearest registration center by providing his/her demographic and bio-metric details. After successful registration of individuals data and validating its uniqueness 12 digit FN is generated and provided to residents of Ethiopia within 3 days.

Update Fayda Data

An individual visits the registration center to update their demographic or biometric details, the registration officer captures the updated data as provided by the individual in the system.

Lost Fayda Number

Allow an individual to retrieve his/her lost FN. The individual needs to provide the required information as input and The system will first validate the individual’s provided data. On successful validation, the system will send a link to the individual’s registered mobile number and/or email ID to download his/her password-protected FN in pdf format.

Generate Fayda Alias Number/FAN

An individual can request to generate a FAN via Resident Service by providing his/her FN. After a successful validation and authenticate the individual the Fayda Alias Number is generated based on the FAN policy of Ethiopia.

Revoke Fayda Alias Number/FAN

To prevent misuse of FAN, an individual can request to revoke his/her FAN using Resident Service if the individual feels his/her FAN has been compromised.

Authentication Services

Fayda allows a registered authentication partner to perform various types of authentications like Biometric Authentication, Demographic Authentication, OTP Based Authentication and Multi-factor Authentication. This can be achieved either online by evaluates the Individual’s data match with the corresponding one in the Auth server or offline using QR code based authentication.

Lock/Unlock Authentication

An individual can decide to lock specific Authentication Types (Demographic/Biometrics) of his/her FN/FAN for security reasons. It can be for one or more Authentication types. The locked Authentication Type(s) cannot be used for any future authentication request. Similarly at any point he/she may also request to unlock one or more locked Authentication types which was locked earlier

View Authentication Request History

This service will allow an individual to view history of the authentication request(s) associated to his/her FN. The individual needs to provide the FN/FAN as input. After successful validation and authentication, the system will send unarchived Authentication History data of the individual associated to the provided FN and all its associated FANs.


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