Where to get a digital identification?

The National ID program has been implementing pilot registration on government and non-government sectors and will also continue to register on various use cases.

    • Financial Sectors: Banks, Financial inclusions like PSNP 
    • Education sectors: universities
    • Telecommunications: Ethio-telecom, Safaricom
    • Civil Services:  Addis Ababa City Administration, Document Authentication and Registration, Vital Events Registration, Ministry of Transport et,c
  • Eligible registrants can visit the Head office of the National ID located around General Wingate St., Next to Abrehot National Library, Arat Kilo, Third Floor of Hilcoe Building, Addis Ababa. For more information visit https://id.gov.et/contact/

Enrollment Process

To get a digital Identification number please find the below requirements and steps

  • Eligible registrant: who is Eligible for digital identification number? 
    • Eligibles are all Ethiopians above the age threshold to be set by law will have the right to enroll and get digital identification. Also non-citizen who are residents in Ethiopia will be enrolled so long as they present a legal document proving their identity/residency.Children below the age threshold could be registered with their accompanying parents or legal guardians, where they will assume the demographic details of their parents/guardians apart from the name, birth date, and gender fields.
  • Visit nearest registration office: once you are eligible you can visit the nearest registration office or contact the national ID office. https://id.gov.et/contact/
  • Sign Consent: Eligible registrants are required to sign a consent form that certifies the authenticity of the collected demographic and biometric data which is also stored scanned copy of the signed consent form for referencing and legal purposes.
  • Checking Identity: To be enrolled, eligible registrants are expected to prove their identity by presenting legal identification documents that prove who he/she is such as KebeleID, Passport, Birth Certificate,driving license etc. [https://id.gov.et/requirements-to-register/]
  • Demographic data collection : in the process minimalist demographic data attributes that are critically important to uniquely identify registrants will be collected: [https://id.gov.et/dataset/]
  • Biometric data Collection: standardized biometric data will be collected by utilizing three compulsory sets of devices to capture biometric data.  [https://id.gov.et/dataset/]
    • Fingerprint (4-4-2 fingers)
    • IRIS (both eyes), and
    • Face photo
  • Get Fayda Number (unique identification number): After successful registration, registrants will receive a confirmation printout of the registration details, and later a unique identification number called FAYDA number will be issued. Registrants will receive FAYDA (unique identification number) via text message.

Registration Locations