National ID Pilot

Ethiopian National ID Program is at its use-case (project-based pilot) phase which will be transitioned to pre-launch pilot by the end of July 2022. The timeline for each phases along with their target population are indicated below.


  • Major Phases Timeline Target Population
    Laboratory-based Pilot June 2020-May 2021 200
    Field-based pilot June 2021- November 2021 5,000
    Use-case pilot November 2021- July 2022 100,000
    Pre-launch pilot (ongoing) July 2022- December 2022 500,000 – 1,000,000
    Country Rollout January 2023- December 2025 70Million

Lab-based Pilot

  • Tested different IDMS technologies such as ABIS, Card Printing, 
  • Tested hardware integration (Biometric and Authentication Kits)
  • Experimented with various enrollment options (contact less, video, voice, iris, Fingerprint, palm)
  • Deployed the core platform on commodity server infrastructure

Field-based Pilot

  • Voluntary enrollment of public servants and members of the general public
              • Up to 5000 residents were registered

Project-based Pilot

  • Testing system-to-system integration through API’s to connect with various service providers with eKYC needs
  • This includes the following sectors as per its priorities: 

1. Financial Sectors

  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE)
  • Cooperation Bank of Oromia (COOP)
  • Financial Inclusion
      • Ministry of Agriculture (PSNP)

2. Civil Service

  • Civil Service Commission
  • AA City Administration
  • Document Authentication and Registration
  • Vital Events Registration
  • Ministry of Transport

3. Education Sector

  • Ministry of Education

4. Workforce Management

  • Industrial Parks Development corporation (IPDC)

5. Telecommunications

  • Ethio-telecom
  • Safaricom

Defining Legal Framework

Draft proclamation


NIDP Protocol Document

Capacity building and NIDP team formation

  • Technical Workshop Sponsored by ID4D 

  • Knowledge Transfer from MOSIP team