Requirements to register

One of the principles of National ID is being an inclusive. Therefore the following requirements will be considered as a list of data sets that will provide an information of the individual which helps to identify him/her. As per the conditions of the registrant, it will be modified. 


Four types of demographics will be necessary for National ID registration

  1. Full Name
  2. Gender
  3. Physical Address
  4. Date of Birth


You need to provide any identification to the registration officer such as passport, kebele id, driving lisence and so on. 

For those sections of the population that lack a permanent address or any type of documentation, National Digital ID will be availed based on communal proof and limited data fields.


Use Iris scanner

You need to put the device close to your eyes and your eye print will be scanned.

Right Hand Finger print

Put four fingers of your right hand on the finger print scanner

Left Hand Finger print

Put four fingers of your Left hand on the finger print scanner appling a small pressure to the device

Thumb Fingers print

Put thumb fingers of your both hands at the same time on the device


Sit straight to the camera and give your ICAD compatible and on time picture

Check Your Information

Make sure the information inserted in the registration tab is correct and confirm to the officer. 

Become digitally active

The aim to register for National ID is simplifing your life by using a single number to all of use-cases and get all services while identified as a uniqe person.