Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

The output of the program is to provide inclusive available services for every citizen and resident across the country. For a large impact project such as this, multi-sector stakeholder involvement  becomes very crucial. To achieve the desired outcome , an approach that creates a platform to engage all stakeholders needs to be defined. National ID is an inclusive program and its service will be made available across all sectors. As such NID is open to onboard as many stakeholders as possible. However, priorities are set in some critical sectors such as the financial sector, civil service, education, social services, workforce management and telecommunication.   

A variety of actors are typically involved in establishing, maintaining, and utilizing an ID system throughout the identification life cycle. The National ID program considers the following category of important stakeholders: 

  • The public
  • Government institutions including federal and regional entities
  • Private sector 
  • Civil society, and 
  • International organizations  

The modalities of engagement with these stakeholders include acquiring technology, financial/budgetary support, capacity building, collaboration on implementation, authentication service provision etc. As the National ID program is in its use-case based pilot phase, different stakeholders from several sectors are being identified and collaborations are being initiated to realize the NID goals.